It was one of the great opportunities of my life to work with many talented and award-winning design studios and agencies at the beginning of my career. Exposure to the various working environments as well as a wide range of clients provided me with a unique ability to concept ideas for pitches as well as work within any brand like a pro.

The Wang Center

Worked with their in-house staff to create the seasonal brochure with detachable schedule, as well as a small booklet to showcase their educational programs.

Citizen Schools

This group was providing a great program to the underserved youth of Boston. Take a handful of adults who work within a profession, add after school kids, and 6 weeks later they’ve created a product (advertising professionals) or they are staging a mock trial (law professionals). We told their story through photos as well as the tools of the trades.

Pell Rudman

This financial giant’s brochure was a great project to work on. I was able to work with the client directly, hiring a photographer and art directing a photo shoot in their office. The result was a high end piece that included vellum sheets, spot varnish and metallic inks.


This is not just your every day three panel fold out! This company provides safe and secure storage of digital content and wanted a folder that reflected their brand. The cover was kept simple, their logo embossed on a clean white stock reflected elegance as well as a conceptual shield, speaking to what they provide their customers. Working from the swoop in their logo, I created a custom die line for the inside pockets and printed a flood of metallic ink inside to offset the white stock.

PE Biosystems

This large annual report was done in partnership with Phillip Johnson and Associates in Cambridge, MA. Sourcing photos and creating layouts and charts alongside their amazing creative team was a long running project. Once the main pages were developed, I worked to manage their production team by creating template pages for rolling out the financial white pages included in the back of the book.


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